Spoke Wheel Retruing, Re-Spoking & Repairs

Our spoke wheel repair services will help you get you back on track. From respoking to truing our partners are here to help.

  • Motorcycle Spoke Wheel Straightening
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Maidstone Motoliner Ltd is able to repair spoke wheel rims, in certain circumstances. Just give us a call and we can discuss the best route to help you get your wheel back true.

We do not offer spoke wheel rebuilds but over the years have used our partners on the right who offer a full service and are fully respected in their craft.

Spoke Wheel Straightening

Spoke Wheel Straightening

Spoke Wheel Straightening

rims can be repaired in the event of pothole damage

Just like cast wheels, spoke wheels can also be straightened. Rims that have dents from potholes are able to be repaired with a high degree of accuracy without the need for a new rim. For more information on our service please give us a call to discuss.

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Our Spoke Wheel Repair Partners



Our partner Hagon are able to offer a full spoke rebuilding service.

Highly regarded in other areas of motorcycles they also offer a spoke wheel rebuild service which we trust will be spot on.


020 8502 6222

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If you are located in the south of the UK we recommend PWwheels. We have been using them for many years and recommend them to anyone that asks about spoke wheel.

Located in Herne Bay Kent PW wheels are able to offer rebuilds and repairs for spoke wheels for bikes and cars


0798 696 5343

Visit Their Website