Modern Motorcycle Frame Straightening

We have been straightening frames for over 30 years and are very well regarded in the Race, Road and Classic motorcycle scenes.

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Worried about your bikes handling? Had an accident? Failed an MOT?

Any accident, large or small, can bend or knock the chassis of your motorcycle or scooter out of alignment. Using our specialist skills and equipment we can check and repair all the major components of your bike, ranging from the main frame to the yokes, forks and wheels.

How to prepare your Bike for its visit to Maidstone Motoliner

Bike Stripped Ready For Straightening

Depending on the design of the bike we need certain parts taking off the bike before we can do our work.

Most bikes need to come to us as a rolling chassis with the engine fitted. Call us to discuss how we require your model of bike to be prepared.

If you are in any doubt at all or would just like to chat this through please just phone us on 01622 790 705 and we will be pleased to help.

Modern Superbikes & Scooter Frame Straightening

from the lastest superbikes to scooters

Frame Straightening Jig

Once the bike has been prepared we work through all of its major components, checking them for accuracy and straightening and repairing as necessary.

The frame, swinging arm and engine are then placed in our specialist Motoliner jig and the main dimensions are rechecked and modified as necessary.

To ensure a complete repair all the important structural areas of the bike, from headstock bearings to swing arm and rear sub-frames are checked and repaired.

Why not take advantage of our ride in service and have your bike repaired in house, this makes the repair nice and easy for those who don't have the facilities or time for our other options.

Just phone 01622 790705 For more if you want to discuss any aspect of our service.


Alloy Frame Straightening: From £300.00 exc VAT
Steel Frame Straightening: From £250.00 exc VAT