Classic Motorcycle Frame Straightening

We have been straightening frames for over 30 years and are very well regarded in the Race, Road and Classic motorcycle scenes.

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Restoring an old Bike? MoT failure? Don't know if it was crashed?

Old bikes are great, but the chances are most will have been on their side at some time or other.

We can check all the major components and the frame for alignement. Before you start spending serious money on a restoration we can get the basic parts straight.

How to prepare your Bike for its visit to Maidstone Motoliner

Bike Stripped Ready For Straightening

Depending on the design of the bike we need certain parts taking off the bike before we can do our work.

Most bikes need to come to us as a rolling chassis with the engine fitted. Call us to discuss how we require your model of bike to be prepared.

If you are in any doubt at all or would just like to chat this through please just phone us on 01622 790 705 and we will be pleased to help.

Classic Motorcycle Frame Straightening

Classic bike restoration is an expensive business

Frame Straightening Jig

There is no point is spending a small fortune on paint or powder coating the frame if the part isn't straight to start with.

With our specialist Motoliner jigs we can check the major dimensions for accuracy, and correct them before you start on the serious stuff.

Some bike frames can be checked alone without other components in place, just ring us to see before you bring the bike over to us.

We can check and straighten all the older types of frame, rigid, plunger or swingarm. We can also measure for accuracy and straighten most designs of classic forks.

We can also replace and repair individual frame tubes as well as undertaking most aspects of welding.


Alloy Frame Straightening: From £300.00 exc VAT
Steel Frame Straightening: From £250.00 exc VAT

What our customers say

  • Before I start to build my Dunnell Manx Nortons I have the frame checked for straightness by Motoliner.

    This gives me the satisfaction that when I hand over a bike the handling will be as it should be.

    As the Classic Racer, in their article on my 350 Manx, says, the handling is impeccable.

    By Tony Dunnel
    Bike: Dunnell Manx Norton
    Rating 5